Patented Technology Incorporated in Every V-Tex Product

Effectively solving rapid drinks cooling

The Problem

Innovation in the refrigeration market has remained stagnant for far too long

Climate change and rising energy costs have become two of the most talked about societal & political issues of our generation.

For the refrigeration industry, although many beverages can be safely stored at ambient temperature, it has been difficult to find sustainable solutions to meet the ever-increasing demand, and there is high reliance on large traditional refrigerators, 24/7.

Our engineers identified the key challenge with cooling liquids rapidly is managing to chill evenly throughout, as well as the problems presented by mixing carbonated beverages without fizzing.

The V-Tex Solution

A behind the curtains look at our revolutionary technology

Forced Convection over Natural Convection

The beverage is placed into a chamber with cold water and ice to utilise forced convection, which is 18X more efficient than natural convection used in standard commercial refrigeration products in the market today.

Vortex and Rotation Technology

Our engineers found that by rotating a beverage at a certain speed to create a Rankine vortex, carbonated liquid could be mixed without disruption to the bubbles of carbon dioxide.

By simply rotating the beverage the vortex behaved like a solid, with the outer liquid cooling faster than the inner liquid. Tests showed that cooling rates could be improved by collapsing the vortex and then recreating it; this was achieved by a stop start rotational sequence. This pulsed rotation is the essence of the patented V-Tex technology.

V-Tex – A European Commission Supported Technology

We have been awarded both FP7 and Horizon2020 grants to develop the V-Tex technology from a proof of concept into commercial products.

Enviro-Cool Ltd has successfully developed several applications of the V-Tex technology and the European Commission awarded the technology with the ‘Seal of Excellence’.

Frequently Asked Questions

How cold does my drink get?

The V-Tex cools down to a minimum of 5 degrees depending on the size and nature of the bottle, which is in line with temperatures achieved in fridges. The temperature can be selected via predefined programmes dependent on your preference.

Is the V-Tex ready for use immediately?

Following a 3 hours initialisation to form the necessary ice you can use the V-Tex without interruption so long as it remains powered.

Can the beverage burst?

No, it cannot burst.

Does the drink fizz when opened?

No, fizzing is caused by the carbon dioxide bubbles colliding and breaking. V-Tex spins beverages at different speeds to create a Rankine vortex, mixing the liquid without disruption to the bubbles of carbon dioxide that would cause fizzing

What type of beverages can V-Tex chill?

The majority of bottles with a maximum height of 370 mm and a maximum diameter of 100 mm fit. V-Tex will take any size can, plastic or glass bottled drink from 150ml – 1500ml.

How many beverages at a time can V-Tex chill?

Two items either bottles or cans can be chilled simultaneously.

How much electricity does the V-Tex consume?

The V-Tex has a power consumption of about 250 watts during the cooling process, in standby the power consumption is significantly reduced and when the device is switched off, hardly any power is consumed. The optimal insulation of the cooling chamber keeps energy consumption as low as possible.

How does V-Tex work?

V-Tex works by rotating the drink at speed in a bath of ice water. V-Tex mixes the liquid the optimum way to evenly chill the liquid inside without any disruption to the bubbles of carbon dioxide, therefore there is no fizzing. No chemical or glycol are used in the V-Tex.

What maintenance does V-Tex need?

We recommend an annual service to ensure that the gas does not need topping on a regular basis. Also, for hygiene reasons, we recommend changing the water every six months.

Can I lease V-Tex for my business?

Yes V-Tex is partnering with numerous partners who will process your order and get back to you with a payment plan.

Who would benefit from owning a V-Tex?

Commercial environments such as coffee shops, convenience stores, offices, food courts. V-Tex is perfect for environments with limited space for drinks refrigeration and with V-Tex, owners of these establishments can now offer customers a ‘Chill then Go’ drinks service. Customers can chill drinks on demand, choosing their preferred temperature and receiving a guaranteed cold drink every time. Other commercial environments such as Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Events Venues can benefit by serving drinks then using V-Tex to chill ambient stock. V-Tex can chill a larger volume of drinks using fewer refrigerators. Drinks are guaranteed to be cold, restocking a fridge during service can’t provide this and constant chilling of low demand items is no longer necessary.

Will V-Tex replace my fridge?

V-Tex was developed to streamline beverage chilling in a more energy efficient way, helping utilise the remaining refrigerator/s so you never have to serve your customers warm drinks ever again!

Does the V-Tex come with a warranty?

Yes, all V-Tex products come with a 2-year warranty (subject to conditions listed in Warranty section).