The Coolest Way to Chill Your Drinks
The Refrigeration Revolution
Cool Innovation, Even Cooler Drinks

At V-Tex we’re changing the way the world chills drinks.

The Innovative Technology Designed to Rapidly Chill Drinks

Welcome to V-Tex, the innovative technology company transforming the way we cool our beverages. Unlike traditional cooling methods, V-Tex chills your drinks to perfection on demand, eliminating the need for pre-cooling and ultimately saving energy and reducing costs.

With V-Tex’s ground-breaking approach, you will experience an unparalleled level of convenience, efficiency, and sustainability. Join us in our mission to transform the beverage industry and say goodbye to outdated cooling practices for good.

The Benefits of V-Tex

Rapidly Chill on Demand


Use Less Energy


All Types of Bottles & Cans


Chill to Preferred Temperature


Replenish & Restock


Space Saving Solution


Increase Sales


Chill to Perfection


Choose your drink size

The time it takes to chill…..

For Restaurants & Bars

V-Tex is the perfect solution

The perfect solution for restaurants and bars that want to streamline their operations and offer a high-quality experience to their patrons. With its lightning-fast cooling capabilities, your staff can spend less time preparing drinks and more time tending to customers’ needs, ensuring a seamless dining experience.

  • Chill a large volume of drinks using fewer refrigerators
  • Provide a faster service for customers
  • Offer a wider range of chilled drinks
  • Streamline your operation

For All Drink and Food Retailers

Offering customers chilled beverages, fast

With V-Tex you can offer the full range of beverages you stock chilled at the point of sale without the need for a large number of refrigerators.

Therefore V-Tex can help your customers enjoy chilled to perfection cold drinks of their choice every time whilst saving your business money.

  • Perfect for environments with limited space
  • Every drink guaranteed to be cold
  • Customers only need to wait minutes
  • Offer a wide range of drinks to customers on demand

For Events and Private Functions

Give your guests the drink experience they deserve

Ensure your guests have access to chilled drinks whenever they want. With V-Tex you can serve a wider range of chilled beverages and never again run out of cold drinks at your event.

  • Reduce need for larger scale refrigeration
  • Reduce quantity of pre chilled stock
  • Ensure your guests can enjoy a wider range of chilled drinks
  • Remove the risk that chilled drinks can run out


Our Awards and Reviews

“The most innovative refrigeration product I have ever seen. Jackie and I will be installing this into the studio immediately and will never have to endure warm drinks ever again!”
Kyle & Jackie O / KIIS 106.5 Australia