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Enviro-Cool V-Tex Chills Bottles and Cans on Demand

The Enviro-Cool V-Tex rapid cooling technology is a new innovation from the UK-based refrigeration technology brand that’s capable of quickly chilling an array of bottles or cans in an on-demand manner.

Maintaining a ‘Chilled’ Approach

November 2023 saw the official launch of the company’s rapid chilling solution that is transforming beverage service in various sectors, including retail, hospitality, and events.

Net zero: A half full or half empty promise in the beverage industry?

How can companies adapt with green initiatives and genuine commitment essential amid evolving regulations? Colin Rodgers investigates.

Chilling drinks just got cooler (and greener)

Hotels, bars, and restaurants will soon be able to serve chilled drinks more sustainably, thanks to pioneering ‘rapid chill’ technology coming to market.

Rapid cooling technology chills drinks in 3mins

In a landmark trial, Dan Murphy’s Coogee will use V-Tex technology – an innovative device that chills cans and bottles to five degrees Celsius in three minutes.