Who are Enviro-Cool

The innovative team behind the V-Tex

Since the birth of Enviro-Cool Ltd in 2010, our founder has dedicated his life to developing and building technologies to address & impact the escalating global water and energy shortages.

Enviro-Cool is leading the effort to permanently change the way drinks are chilled to save enormous amounts of water and energy worldwide.

It is Enviro-Cool’s mission to develop technology and products that rapidly, and perfectly chills beverages at the point of sale or consumption.

To develop an everlasting ice bucket to chill beverages, with the capacity to chill hundreds and hundreds of bottles before changing the water.

To reduce energy consumption and significantly reduce carbon emissions by replacing energy inefficient commercial refrigerators with Enviro-Cool solutions.

“I am a firm believer that through innovation, commitment and creative thinking we can overcome any challenges we face”

— Kelvin Hall, Enviro-Cool Ltd, Founder